3d panel method


Apame is an Open-source project and therefore free to use. It is licensed under GPL (General Public License). However, if you feel that Apame satisfies your needs and wish to make a donation, please use following form and enter amount for which you find is most appropriate. Apame is developed/maintained in my free time and financially contributing would be most stimulating for the future of this Open-source project.





Latest builds:

Apame v140915

- this is complete Apame package with ApameGUI, ApameSolver and ApameScripts. It is fully functional, but still with some bugs. Check readme.txt!

Apame WT

- Apame Wind Turbine Matlab routine. It has same features as Apame V1.0 plus rotating body support.


Older versions:

Apame v1.0

- contains old Matlab and Scilab versions

ApameSolver v2.2

- contains old structured geometry solver with source files, examples and documentation