3d panel method




- Unstructured mesh

- Constant Source/Doublet or Constant Doublet singularity type

- Dirichlet boundary condition

- Point singularity substitution for far field influence

- Prandtl-Glauert pressure correction

- Programmed in FORTRAN90 for best performance

- GotoBLAS - fastest linear system solver

- OpenMP multiprocessing implemented



- Import mesh from various meshing programs

- 3D Viewer

- Run ApameSolver from within ApameGUI

- Post-processing results

- Programmed in C++ with wxWidgets for native look on all platforms


Few thoughts about panel methods

- Flow must be attached - no flow separation (aerodynamically shaped bodies with no blunt trailing edges)

- Subsonic analysis only

- Lift can be generated only on bodies for which trailing edge can be defined (Kutta condition)

- No friction drag; only induced drag can be calculated